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How to wear your Burkini with Style

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3 steps to a rock a burkini with your personal style

When it comes to beachwear, there are a lot of options to choose from. The myriad swimwear collections launched every year give you the flexibility to choose your favorite beach clothing and accessories according to your own style. However, it is not always easy to bring out your own style. For those who are looking to have burkini as there beachwear essential for the summer, this article helps you develop your own sense of personal style while you rock a burkini on the beach.

Pick out the right burkini 

Most people have a hazy idea about what burkini actually is. It is not a swimsuit but something similar to a swimsuit with ample coverage for the modest beach lovers. A conventional burkini includes a head band, body suit, and leggings for substantial body coverage. Burkini is simply a best choice for those looking to have a comfortable swimwear with sun protection. A lot of women choose burkini as their swimwear essential to keep their skin protected during the harsh summer days.

Regardless of why you want to have burkini on your swimwear shopping list, there are a couple of things you need to consider before picking a burkini. Two of which include:

Burkini design:

The design of the garment holds a special place when it comes to finding a perfect match for your personal style. Burkinis usually come in various designs, including embroidered hems, body suits with patterned and solid colors, patterned head bands, and solid colored leggings. Pick a design that will best compliment your body and your personal style.

Headband or scarf:

Burkini offers two main head covers to choose from, headband and head scarf. You can pick one according to your personal style and preference. A headband is more manageable as compared to a scarf, but both options give you ample coverage and protection for your hair.

Find a burkini for your body type

A perfectly fitted burkini with a patterned design and high heels makes far better fashion statement than a swimsuit or swimwear that is not tailored according to your body type. First and most importantly, determine your body type.Generally, the body types fall under the following categories:

  • Straight
  • Pear
  • Diamond
  • Hourglass
  • Triangle
  • Inverted triangle
  • Spoon

Oval If you are not sure how to pick a burkini according to your body type, make sure that you seek help from a professional. If you are shopping online, inquire before you place the order.

Accessories to personalize

You can rock your burkini with well-matched accessories to spice up your swimwear fashion. Accessories like beach sandals, earrings, hand bracelets, and neckwear make a tremendous impact on your overall look. To make your look more chic, pick contrasting accessories, such as jewelry and neckwear, to supplement your overall style. When it comes to your personal style, colors, patterns and designs matter a lot. It’s not always about what you prefer, but what looks good on you. Experiment with your burkini look before you make a purchase to make sure that you rock your best style on the beach.

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