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Let's Beach Traveling: Emirates Park Zoo, Al Rahba

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Our last weekend was amazing! All the animal lovers, welcome to the Emirates Park Zoo!

It's a lovely cozy place in Al Rahba, not far from Abu Dhabi. The best option for a weekend with your family, your friends of you beloved one. 

What we didn't expect, is that you literally stay inside the animals park, so the peacocks were following us even when we were having breakfast! Lovely surprise!

Staff is so lovely, all were very patient and polite while we were annoying them with questions and requests :) The hotel is very quiet, despite having the zoo around, so we slept very well. The rooms were around the pool, so you go out of your suite directly to the pool side. Good that we had our swimwear with us, cause next morning we took a chance to swim and enjoy the waterfall. Great start of the day. So don't forget your bikini or swimming shorts.

Okay, honestly, we thought that couple of hours in the morning would be enough for the zoo, but noooo.....we had to run around to check everything, so when you come here, leave more time for exploring the zoo. The staff of the park are all smiling and helpful, encouraging us to communicate with the animals. We hugged and fed every donkey, giraffe, monkey and sheep much fun!

We had such a great time. Thanks to Emirates Park Zoo for unforgettable weekend experience! 


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