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Pick the right bikini for your Body

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Bikinis for Different Body Types

Do you hate swimwear shopping? Is the frustration to find the perfect swimwear for your body frame getting on your nerves? Well, let us help you.  Every woman has a unique body shape that requires a well-tailored clothing to enhance certain parts and conceal the others. Due to variations in every woman’s body type, the decision to buy a certain kind of bikini can also vary depending upon the size and type. Some would find two-piece perfect for their petite frame, while others maybe more comfortable with a tummy concealing one-piece for their voluptuous build.

This post will help you understand different body types and the bathing suits that would be perfect for each to help you figure out what will work best for you. Naturally, all body types can be enhanced through both one-piece and two-piece, what really matters is the kind of swimwear you choose.

Petite and Athletic Frames: Whether you are looking to buy one-piece or two-piece, for slimmer and athletic frames, swimwear with embellishments and cut necklines tend to enhance the petite frame and give it a more hour-glass look. Balconette-styled bikinis and resort wear with bodice shirring, solid bottom and partnered top can help you enhance your flat frame. 

Hour-glass Frame: Women with an hour-glass shape can benefit more from light colored tops and smaller patterns. If you don’t have any trouble spots that need concealing, one-piece bathing suits can be a perfect fit; however, for those with a little belly pooch, a tankini might work better than the two-piece.

Pear-shaped Frame: A chunky bottom looks more flattering in dark colors and vertical patterns with asymmetrical cuts. Side cutouts and high-cut leg opening can enhance your legs and rear area to give you a more sculpted shape. Opt for skirted swimwear if you need to hide any rear flaws while still maintaining your chic style.

Curvy/Voluptuous Frame: Perfectly toned curvy or voluptuous body types can enjoy a solid color bikini. If you feel like that you need to hide some trouble spots, you can conceal and yet look chic with a tankini or a one-piece. For a more flattering figure, opt for one-piece that has a gathered fabric around the waist to slimmer and create a visible division between bottom and bust. Embellishments on the neckline also tend to flatter a curvy body type.

Frames with Cellulite or love handles: Regardless of your body type, cellulite, tummy pooch and the love handles can always kill your mood at the beach if exposed. Covering up your bulky areas with the wrong kind of swimwear isn’t going to work; you need something that is going to cover yet look flattering. One-piece swimwear or bikinis  with high-waist bottom can do wonders to save your personal style on the beach.  

You don’t have to give up on your personal style on the beach. All you need to do is to find the right bikini fit for your body and rock it with contrasting beach accessories to make your beach day a thrilling experience. Take your time with swimwear shopping and find something that flatters your frame. 

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