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5 Things To Do On The Beach In Winter

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walk on the beach

1. Take a walk

What can be healthier than taking a deep breath of salty air? It is scientifically proven that ocean air is loaded with beneficial chemicals and ions, helping you to absorb more oxygen, improve blood flow and pressure and relax you body and mind. Besides, watching the sea and listening to the sound of the waves is a sort of meditation, so it has a stress-relieving effect. So after a walk at the sea side you will feel fully rested and energized, no matter what season it is.

2. Organize a picnic

Grab your best friends, a couple of snacks and some hot chocolate to have a perfect open air meal this weekend. It will definitely leave more memories than a lunch in a fancy restaurant, and besides - completely free! Every emirate has at least one great beach where you can throw a great picnic, why not to try them all this winter!

3. Go for a photo shoot

The best part of being at the beach during winter is that it is almost empty! No need to wait for all the people to disappear from your shooting spot to take a great photo. And using the wind as a prop you can make some gorgeous shots. Besides, during winter there are so many beautiful red sunsets, so you won't even need to use any filter to make your photo perfect.

4. Play sports

How many times you refused a game of beach volley because of the heat? Winter in UAE is the best time to play, without having the sweat pouring over you. Call your friends for volleyball, boot camp or yoga practice and enjoy moving in the fresh air while the winter is here.

5. Try sand art

The quiet time at the beach is perfect to let your creativity out. Try sand sculpture or sand drawing and you will see how the time flies! It is a great activity for adults and kids, so call your family for a beach day out. Don't forget to take some great photos!

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