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Barefoot Sandals - new summer hit!

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Barefoot sandals look really stylish during summer and you can wear them without any shoes for beach or pool parties and on a beach theme wedding either as a bride or a guest. Though named as barefoot sandals you can wear them with summer shoes too where they are easily visible. Regarding the design there are so many kinds available that you can easily wear from as simple as a crochet version to as elaborate as a jeweled design.

Extremely dainty and incredibly beautiful, barefoot sandals are an interesting addition to your feet. They are perfect for a walk in the beach or for a festive occasion. Barefoot sandals, which can also be called anklets or foot thongs are becoming increasingly popular in beach weddings, for brides and the bridesmaids.

The barefoot sandals are basically adornment for your feet. Instead of wearing anklets that go around your ankle, you can wear barefoot sandals that connect from your second toe to give your feet unforgettable look.

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